Close call on Memorial Day

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by StuckInTime, May 28, 2008.

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    Had some great weather here in northern Indiana on Memorial Day, so my wife wanted to go for a ride. Being that it was Memorial Day and I hadn't been to the cemetery in a while to clean my Dad's head stone (he served in the early '60s) I decided we would ride there first.

    As we were riding down a 4-lane road approaching an intersection (we had the green light), I saw a car make a right turn in front of us and not knowing their intention I slowed down. Glad I did. Just as we got to them they moved left into our lane - no blinker or anything. There was just enough time for me to veer to the right lane and miss them (we were doing around 35 or so, and they were doing around 15 would be my guess). There wasn't time for me to honk the horn or anything, so as I veered to the right lane I revved the bike to let him know that he almost ran me over.

    So we get to the next light and he (it was an older guy, probably around 80) decided he should roll down his window and yell and me for his stupidity. He didn't care or want to hear that his carelessness could cost somebody their life, and it quickly became a heated discussion. Then he decided to attack my patriotism, on Memorial Day no less, by saying that I've probably never served my country (which I have - '85 to '89). I try to be civil, but I was wishing he was 40 years younger so I could 'educate' him on the error of his ways. Cranky old ba$tard. End of rant.
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    You'll never convince him he was at fault and you don't get any points for punching an 80 year old in the nose or giving him a heart attack. I'm convinced that at some designated age everyone should have to get their eyes checked and be tested for basic driving skills. Luckily my dad recently give up driving on his own, I was going to have to disable his truck if he didn't.
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    Bottom line - I'm glad everything ended up OK and noone was hurt, people or bike. The horn as an accident prevention device is useless. Most drivers are on the phone, blasting music, or deaf so don't even waste a thought about using it.

    I have mixed feelings about getting into a shouting match with someone, even when you are 100% in the right. You're never going to win and in some cases, you're just reinforcing their stereotype of what a motorcyclist is like. Of course, you occasionally might actually educate a few people. I guess you gotta go with your gut instincts at the time.

    Great job anticipating what could have been a nasty situation and avoiding it!
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    Glad to hear you're OK. At that age, no arguing is going to convince him he was in the wrong. Trust me, I say that based on mucho experience. All you can do is smile because you survived, and ride on.