Close call last night

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    I was on my way home last night after work and as I was getting to the edge of town I was watching a small pickup coming to a stop sign on my right . I anticipated he wasn't going to stop by his speed , he rolled through and turn right in front of me . Since I figured that's what he was going to do I had already started to slow down but when he pulled out I had to hit both brakes hard not to t-bone him . I couldn't go to the left because there was a whloe string of cars coming my direction so the brakes were my only option . I pulled up along side him between him and another car at the stop light and was going to start cussing him out but all I ended up saying was maybe you should look twice before pulling out in front of someone . He appoligized and said he was sorry and that he too rode , all I could think was what an idiot . My point is I can't stress enough of much we have to be 2 steps ahead of these cages . RIDE SAFE !
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    Glad you took control over the situation. Sad to think the stop sign today is only used as a yield sign and the yield sign is non existent in most drivers eyes.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Good for you not getting in a wreck, he being a rider should have looked twice
  4. Iceman24

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    Hate those close calls & unfortunately they happen too often. Way to practice those SIPDE skills & predict the vehicle/driver's move into your path. Scary roads out there!!!
  5. oldhippie

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    Glad you're OK and avoided a collision.:bigsmiley12:
    His mind obviously wasn't on driving.:small3d031:
  6. horizonchaser

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    Glad you anticipated that situation well. One thing I never want to do is, being a rider myself, cut off, cause an accident, or worse yet, hit another rider. I'm glad you're okay but I have a feeling that he, as a rider himself, was kicking himself in the rear end for almost causing an accident. I know I would be!
  7. poohbear

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    You did the right thing...I've been riding 40 years this year and I have learn that you must know what the other people are going to do before they know! Watch them in their mirrors, looking to change lanes....watching, like you did, them coming into an intersection, and most of all keeping an eye out for your escape plan. I have had many, no too many, close calls and I know this has save my butt many times, still waiting but hoping it doesn't happen for the one fool I can't read.
  8. lorne

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    once again glad your ok... feel proud of yourself for foreseeing a problem before it became an accident.
  9. TripleJ

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    We had a close call recently while riding 2 up that would have ending tragically if the man upstairs was not watching out for us. Glad he was watching out for you as well :)
  10. R_W_B

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    Whew, glad you were able to fore see the situation and avoid a bad collision. The older I get I find myself taking a good long clear look before I put out. Especially with a tree or multi-colored background on the sides of the road. It's very easy to miss the image of a bike if you aren't carefull and diligent.