Clicking sound from heads

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Mjolnir, Oct 31, 2012.

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    My 1200 Sporty starts making a clicking sound as soon as the bike is warmed up. It sounds as if the noise is coming from the top of the cilinders. Could it be one or a combination of the following and which will be the most likely culprit:

    1. Rockers, rocker stems.
    2. Pushrods.
    3. Valves (burnt, bent, valve guides).

    What would the indicators be for each of the above? The bike does not emit smoke except when stationary and revved but that could be a rich setting in the carb. Also performs well.

    Would a compression test help in identifying if the valves are too blame?

    Losts of questions from a newby, but still learning.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Not being able to HEAR the noise...loud click or Loud click Or LOUD CLICK?

    Are you saying it JUST started making the noise? OR has it done this all the time?
    How many miles on it and what Oil do you use? (just curious on the oil) Same oil as used before and nothing changed on the motor to make different modifications for the New or old noise.?

    I would do a comp. test and just see if front and back IF even. Post the numbers here.

    Usually noise warmed is in quite a few bikes...IF new sound ? ccc will get you started ... Get the answers here and we'll have more then.

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    Hi Bubbie,

    The noise gradually became more noticeable. I ride with a pot and therefore use earplugs to cut out some wind noise. I can hear it clearly with earplugs in. The scoot has 16000 km's on it.

    I use 20W50 weight oil.(Caltex). Same as allways. Installed a Yost Powertube but suspect it's running slightly rich which would cause sluggishness and fouled sparkplugs and not a clicking/ nocking sound.

    Will have the comp test done and post the results.

    Thanks for the advise:D
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    I suggest getting an automobile stethoscope and try isolating the problem further.

    As a note, also try snugging up your exhaust nuts securing the headers. I had an exhaust leak on the front cylinder that sounded like a valve tap and chased it for a couple of months (actually replaced lifters at one point) only to find out it was that!!

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    Thanks TQuentin,

    Will make sure to include this when I go through the bike this week-end to check that everything's tight. Suppose its to be expected that I need to check these things more often seeing that it's a rigid.:s