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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by leedham, Jan 5, 2014.

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    Hey all. I have an '02 Road King Classic. While putting new calipers on ( front and rear ) I came across the situation of the brake light relay clicking when I apply the brake. Engine off, console switch on. Brake light on the rear fender comes on no problem. No dash light comes on to warn of a problem. I feel plenty of brake pressure ( which I assume is not a factor ). I just dont recall hearing this noise and dont think it is normal. Just a coincidence that the relay went South ? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    You might try cleaning the wiring contacts to the relay. You could also swap it with one of the other relays, ex. starter. They should be the same. Parts diagram shows 4 relays.
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    I would expect any relay to click as a relay is an electrically operated switch
    it will have a tiny electro magnet in it when a switch is operated in this case brake light switch a small amount of power energises the electro magnet which pulls a spring loaded set of contact points together which connect main power to the device to be operated
    The click you hear are the contact points coming together
    Relays allow very small wires to be used for control switches as they only carry light loads of power

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    Are you saying its continuously clicking? Or does it click just once? If its continuous, then there is a problem and Tourbox has you headed down the path to a fix. If it clicks just once than Fin has you covered as that is what they do.
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    Thanks for the quick replies. Just one click. Not continuous. Now I can rest easy.