Cleaning up a Road King

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by sgtholl, Mar 28, 2009.

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    I have a couple questions. I am in Iraq and I just bought a 2009 Road King through military sells. I havent even seen the bike yet. I love the Road King but I really want to strip it down to bare minimums. I want the bike to have the rear hard bags and a short windshield. The rest is going to go. and by that I mean I am going to take the crash bars off and the flood lights. I am also going to put a solo seat. My first question is on the front fender is all the trim and light, If I take that stuff off are there going to be holes that will have to be filled in??? and how hard is it to remove the crash bars that are in front of the hard bags?? I see on the Street Glide there arent any bars so Im assuming that they can just be unbolted and come right off??? I know alot of people love all that stuff but I want the clean look.
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    I wish I had an answer or two, but I don't.

    Just wanted to say - Stay safe and come home to ride that new RK in the USA!

    Thank you for your service :)
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    Not sure about the light on the 09 RK but past years the fender didn't have a hole for the light.

    As far as the rear bars, no you can't remove just the crash bar as it supports the bag rail support. You would have to change to the SG setup if you want to eliminate the crash bar.
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    You can remove the front fender light, but there will be two holes in the fender where it mounts. There is a replacement piece you can purchase that will look like the RKC front fender. You can get it with flames, HD like that on the RKC, I believe there is a skull one as well. But at least you'll get rid of that yellow light up front. At least that's how I'm going to get rid of it.

    God bless and come home safe. Congrats on the new ride.