Cleaning crinkle black

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  1. Bramble_skull

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    Hey fellas,
    I'm in the UK and wonder what we use this side of the pond to clean crinkle black,engine or other parts.
    S100 and Pig Spit is expensive to ship from the USA, there must be another option?
  2. doctordoug

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    Bite the bullet and have some Pig Spit shipped in. You will love it. It performed better than I expected and my cases continue to look like new. I purchase a lot of BMW parts from your country and the shipping is not too bad coming this way.
  3. YnotBiker

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    Have you tried Pledge? I've heard Lemon works best with a micro fabric cloth.
  4. Texoma Rigid

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    Most powder coaters recommend soap and water only. No chems for sure. Although the wrinkles/crinkles are pretty forgiving.

    Powder coating is probably one of the most durable color coatings available for a wide range of products
    and uses. However, to obtain the very best results in overall finish and in longevity, correct product
    handling and care is essential.
    Ensure regular cleaning
    As with many coated surfaces, regular cleaning will extend the life of the surface and retain its
    appearance. Cleaning should be conducted routinely at three month intervals and six months should be
    considered the longest interval. In industrial or marine locations particular attention should be paid to
    regular care due to the harsher atmosphere.
    · Clean with a dilute solution of mild liquid detergent and warm water. Avoid excessively hot
    Automotive based car wash detergents and standard deck cleaning detergents can also
    be used. Be sure to read all manufactures directions to make sure it is safe for use on painted
    surfaces. It is recommended that a small test area be checked first
    · Use a soft bristle brush. Do not use abrasive tools on the coating. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly
    with fresh water. Ensure that areas that are not normally exposed to rain are washed and rinsed
    · An electric pressure washer may also aid in cleaning. The use of a pressure washer with a greater
    than 1,500 PSI and/or applied closer than 10" from the deck surface could damage the powder
    coat surface.
    · Do not use strong solvent type cleaners. Where the use of solvent is required, such as cleaning
    paint spills, use nothing other than Methylated Spirits. Ensure that the contact time is as short as
    possible, and rinse the solvent cleaner thoroughly from the surface with copious amounts of fresh
    water. It is strongly recommended that a small test area be checked first, to ensure that no
    damage will occur to the whole area.
    · A mixture of 25% Bleach & 75% Warm Water can also be used on “White” powder coat to brighten
    the finish. It should be applied by a garden sprayer and allowed to soak no more than 10 minutes.
    Light scrubbing with a soft bristle brush can also aid in the effects. Rinse with copious amounts of
    fresh water. Make sure you have no other items that will come in contact with the bleach.
    · Do not use Acetates, Dulon Thinners, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) or Petrol products. Highly acidic
    cleaners are not recommended either.

    · If you reside in a cold weather climate where ice and snow periodically come in contact with your
    deck, use calcium chloride or rock salt to melt the ice and snow.

    Care pdf
  5. BigG

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    S100 works great for me. Once a year I use a test tube brush between cooling fins to get extra clean before I apply the S100.
  6. pigrider

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    I use S100 to pre clean engine and underside and then wash with Turtle Wax Zip Wash and Wax( I think thats the name of it) . I've used other wash and wax combo's but none seem to be as good as the Turtle Wax, leaves the crinkle paint on engine a satin black with no residue.
  7. lordharold

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    I use the S100 engine bright and it works really well.