circuit breaker clicking

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by harmie, May 15, 2013.

  1. harmie

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    got a 1996 electra glide with 98K miles. The other day I was riding and a circuit breaker (under the front faring somewhere) started clicking. At the same time the blinkers stopped working and the brake light stopped working. I notice about every 10 seconds it clicks, when it does the voltage needle drops down and the lights go dim for a second or two. Any suggestions on where to start to troubleshoot the problem would be appreciated. :17:
  2. tourbox

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    Something similar happen on my '96 Ultra years ago. It was a bad relay in the front fairing. Wen I took it apart it was rusty inside. Seems to me there were 2 relays in the fairing. I replaced both. The one had to with brake lights & cruise control. It wouldn't disengage the cruise because the brake light never activated. You could also have a short/ground on the load side of the breaker tripping.