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I have small scratches on my exhaust pipes, How can I remove these? I tried just polishing with mother's did'nt work Please help. Ride Safe Doug

Chrome is the "topcoat" of the plating process and it is very thin, I believe something like 1 mil. It is what gives the luster to the nickle plating just underneath it. Once the chrome has a scratch in it , there's not much you can do short of having the part rechromed. Any attempt to remove the scratch usually ends up going through the chrome top coat and you end up with a spot that has a silver painted look compared to the chrome surface.
if your online plesaae help I was checking the torque on the pinch bolts on the front forks didn' even get to the right torque strtpped. I thing they were stripped from the factory how do i get the out????

Just answered your PM, in case anyone else has this problem too...

Try a little heat on the bolt and then use a metric allen that is just a wee bit larger than the 1/4' I believe that is in there now in a socket and try to force it in to the stripped head by tapping it in with a hammer to seat it as deep as you can and go from there. Word of caution, heat the bolt , not the tree. If it isn't the chrome tree, it could have a clear coating on it and would bubble or burn.


If you re torquing a bolt, it's best to remove, clean and reinstall it and then re torque it applying locktight if called for. ALSO, do not confuse the allen bolts on the harley covers for the incorrect size. They are #27 torx and not the #25 that usually comes in the set of allens. They will fit and in some cases work, but you will strip the heads out.
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Hey "glider",Have you or anyone else you may know of, had any exposure to the Oil Level and Temperature Dipstick W/Lighted LCD Readout ( H-D part # 63046-07) ? How accurate and reliable are they ? "Thanks for any helpful insight! Ride safe, Hi-Tek Rednek
Just going from what I have heard, they are sometimes off a bit but the problem I have heard is that they don't last too long before they go belly up :)

The analog ones are a bit more reliable too, less to go wrong.
"Thanks". I'm looking for a good,reliable, and "accurate" oil temp gauge.I've looked at some of the ones H-D offers in their parts & accessories books, but from what others that have used them said, is the lens either fogs up or cracks after 8-9 months and they have to replace them. At $40 to $50 a pop,that's not working for me. Later,Hi-Tek