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    OK, I guess I have a few questions. I've been bitten by the chrome bug, and I'd like to get my stock 16" solid Fatboy wheels chromed, along with chromed rotors and pulley. Since I have to replace the tires soon, figured it would be a good time to do everything all at once.

    Questions for my fellow chrome addicts:

    a) Has anyone had their stock wheels chromed, and if so, were you happy with the results? Anything specific to the chroming process that I should be aware of?

    b) Is chroming the brake rotors safe? Does it impact braking performance in any way? I assume new brake pads will need to be installed to go with the new rotors... are there specific pads that work better with chromed rotors?

    c) I've seen chrome pulley "covers" for a lot cheaper... with saddlebags, it's kind of tough to see the pulley anyway. Is that a good substitute?

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