Chrome shocks for a 2009 FXDC

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by shrini23, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. shrini23

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    I ride a 2009 FXDC. Currently I've a stock rear shocks on the bike and I really liked the chrome shocks that is on a fatbob.
    I checked with the H-D dealership here and he told me that the chrome shocks length eye to eye is 11 3/4" and this is lower than 1" of the stock.

    My only concern was that if I go for a chrome shock and a lower length will it affect the ride.

    Also the part number from harley catalog is "54619-08" and it sells for 399.95$
    I checked on ebay for progressive 412 shocks which sells for 210$.

    Can some of the expreince rider pls advise me which one to go for? I want one which longer lasting
  2. glider

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    Progressive shocks are a better shock than the HD shocks. More control and better damping.
  3. Bud White

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    get progressive
  4. shrini23

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    Thanks for your reply guys.
    I just had an online chat with one of the progressive guys and this what they told me over the chat room

    "Then I would go with the 412-4042C which is a standard duty not the heavy duty. YOu may find the HD to be a little stiff if you ever ride solo.The 412-4046 will hold the weight no problems."

    I'm 6'2" and weigh around 175lbs and usually i ride solo and sometimes I ride with my wife who weighs around 125lbs and she is 5'6".
    In this case should I go for a standard duty "412-4042C" (part number from progressive) or 412-4046C which is a heavy duty.
  5. SilverFoXD

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    Recommend you go with the standard duty stocks. They will be the most comfortable for your solo riding and are fully adequate for the occasional two-up riding. You can always adjust the shocks for a stiffer or more relaxed ride.

    I've used both standard and heavy duty on my various metric bikes and my Dyna. Solo weight is around 210# with occasional passenger and/or travelling gear and the standard is completely adequate.

  6. shrini23

    shrini23 Member

    thanks guys for your help...
    I placed my order thru easterperformancemotorcycles in MD.
    Got the 412 serries 12" standard shock fully covered in chrome. Cant wait to install on my bike and beef up the look :D
  7. neptune1230

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    How did the shock purchase turn out. Like you, I prefer the all chrome shock and am getting ready to purchase a set. Let me know the part # and how much you paid, and more importantly, how is the ride? thanks
  8. STEVE07

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    He purchased from here Eastern Performance - Search Results for
    this is the page that comes up when you enter the part # he posted above:s
  9. shrini23

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    Absolutely love it...These guys are really good as they give pretty good deals. The HD dealer price for a 12" chrome shock is 359+taxes...
    I got from "Easter performace" for 290 which included shipping...Cant beat that...

    The performace is absolutely fine and lookwise I always get nice looks from ppl when they see the beefed up fully covered in chrome shock :D cant get better than that :D