Chrome covers for Sporty

Discussion in 'Harley Davidson Product Review' started by jloomis19, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I have seen in the Harley catalog, the primary, and gearbox chrome covers. Says they wrap the original powdercoated equipment. I think they look pretty good, but thats only from pics in the catalog. Does anyone have any experience with these, Im pretty sure they are only made for the Sportsters. They are much cheaper than the replacemants, so thats kinda why Im looking at them for now, at least till I get about a grand of money to play with for it, lol.

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    They are the "stock" chrome ones originally offered on the XL Custom models at various times since kits. If you look at my 2004 XL1200RS Roadster Sport had less chrome, but cast wheels (19" F & 16" R), it was the first year when the oil tank and battery covers were rounded and tucked in (seat was lowered also that year)...the XL883C & 1200C started off chrome covers for the primariy and rocker boxes in earnest in 2005. You can't go wrong with the fit, and they have and will be around for awhile as the 883/1200C have evolved and you are seeing two generations of the chrome kits if you look at the HD P&A catalog for compatibility with your bike as the chrome bits from those years stabilized. Noticed that the 2008 Roadster is the last year like mine, standard with dual disc brakes and cast wheel sport model, only the Custom has the chrome as MOCO marketing seems to be going "Nightster" black and gray which looks to be their standard model or the "Low".