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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by bubbu, Aug 21, 2019.

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    I'm going to replace my original covers on the cam and sprocket and also the primary and rocker boxes. These are covers and would like to know how involved it is to do. I'm mechanically inclined and have tools, I'm just looking for tricks of the trade to make it easier to know what to look for while taking it apart. This will be my first time opening things up but I'm ready and willing to learn something new. Great winter project. Also any input on quality chrome parts, drag specialties, v-twin manufacturing, or any other would be helpful.
  2. coopernicus

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    Hate to admit it but Harley chrome is as good as it gets. IMHO
  3. Harttoo

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    Drag specialties and even ebay chrome works fine.If You don't like Ebay chrome ,You can send it back for refund.I have found Ebay chrome to be as good as any harley chrome.
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    What model you have makes a big difference. You say cam and sprocket, so I think it may be a Sportster? Cam cover can be tricky, a genuine HD service manual will be the best money you spend doing this. Aftermarket chrome fitment/finish can be very good or very bad. As mentioned, HD oem is consistant. If your bike is a few years old, take off's can be found on internet sites (ebay) for good prices.
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    Did this on my Dyna FXD a few years ago. Not difficult but time consuming and expensive. The Service Manual is mandatory.

    Projects like this tend to grow. You may want to add new derby and timer covers to match the chrome, and possibly change out the controls. Don't know what your setup is, but mids to forwards is a possibility. Some bolts, washers, and screws may need upgrading to chrome, etc, etc.

    Personal opinion: Stay with the brushed aluminum. Just give the pieces a good scrubbing and perhaps a light polishing to get rid of any scratches, along with new gaskets, and they should be fine. Also assuming the engine is blacked out rather than silver. At that age (32) and since you are considering a bobber look, keeping the Sporty age appropriate will give the best overall appearance. I also like the look of the cast wheels, either in bare metal or black, over that of the spoked.

    Some ideas:

    Keep us posted on what you are doing, and before and after photos always appreciated.
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    Something else to consider, unless you plan on keeping it for a very long time you'll never get back the investment you put into it by adding more chrome.
    Also the upkeep can be time consuming and if not regularly done will detract from the over all appearance.
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    On the primary you will need to disconnect the clutch mechanism which is on the cover
    When you pull the cam cover some of the cams may come out or stay stuck to the cover there are bushes on the inside of the cam cover if i remember correctly and you will need to take the rocker cover off and lift the push rods and lifters to get the cams back in and the manual to get them correctly lined up
    sprocket cover is a bolt off bolt on job
    Having a manual is the key tool to any job read and understand each jog in turn prior to lifting the metal tools