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Chopped Tour Pack


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Well i have been bitten by Harley Davidson ordered a chopped tour pack in June month later it came in. Went to pick it up and it was wrong it had holes for antenna in it. Parts manager contacted H D they said it was there bad. Reordered called me today said the second one was here ask parts guy to check it before i drove two hours to pick it up he said it was right come on. Well guess what get there it had holes in it got angry with him they said that it must be the only way it comes so i have call HD today to try to get to the bottom of this. Has any one else had this problem?
Never had that particular problem but the parts guy can make a world of difference. I have already gone to order parts and a good parts guy can break many down into individual parts if only a certain part is needed as opposed to ordering the complete unit. It all depends on the parts guy usually. There's good and bad in every case.

Ask to see the listings and diagrams before reordering it again. Many don't really know their job. Possibly find the service manager or someone that has been around a while to check it first before another order of the same thing.
Well i got to the bottom of the holes in the tour pack. Talked with HD customer service and spoc. They do not do a tour pack without antenna holes due to there specs.This is because i ordered a custom painted chop tour pack you can get one that is a solid color but not in custom paint