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Choosing A Motorcycle


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Have a money and want to buy Harley Davidson motorcycles,and you are a beginner about Harley davidson?Dont panic,we here to try help you :)

Please focus on three point below when you decided to buy Harley Davidson motorcycles.

  • [*]Handlebars
    To get that perfect fit, you may need to experiment with the best combination of handlebar and riser. (A riser is the piece that connects the handlebar to the fork). Consider the width of the bars as well. A wider set of bars will give you more leverage.


    The next part of the body that needs to be comfortable is your behind. If you have ever been on a long trip, on a hot day, as a rider or passenger you will know what I mean. There are many different kinds of accessory seats available on the market. Some have a very low profile that may not have a lot of padding. You may however need a seat like this if you have short legs. Some accessory seats can lower the seat height as much as 2 inches.

    It all depends on the type of riding you will do. For long distance riding I recommend a thicker wider seat for improved comfort. A seat shaped more like a chair is ideal. There are suspension lowering kits available for most of the models. A person can get the best of both worlds, a lower seat height and a more comfortable behind.

    [*]Foot pegs

    A floorboard is the most comfortable on the feet. Some models have only foot pegs to rest your feet on. There are accessory foot pegs available that are a little wider and have rubber insets to keep your feet a little more isolated from vibration. A wider peg will also give you better control.

    Once you've decided on a model the fits, you can start to accessorize your motorcycle to suit your riding style. Take the time to compare products from different manufactures. Having the proper windshields, saddlebags and raingear will make your ride just that much better. Talk to friends and other Harley riders here to get ideas. Get some books and magazines related to the subject.
After you have decided the model,then read this tips

If you guys have another tips please reply this thread.Lets share our experience with other members here and all rider on the world.

Determine "Your Style".

Having a sleek no frills bike is cool. Not having the extra weight of added accersies makes movements easier. You can attain that Street Crusier look you are after.
Downside: Wind pressure, take only what you can wear.

Having a dressed bike is rewarding. Being able to take what items you want with you can make or break a days ride. If you balance your load, movements will not be much of an issue. A windshield and bags can turn any bike into a all day or days rider.
Downside: Overnight stays or short trips. Bags will limit what you can haul.

Having a full dresser is comfort. You can do or go pretty much wherever, whenever you want. You can take all the extras that will not fit into a dressed bike. Again balancing the load is the key. The open road is yours.
Downside: Heavist of the Bike Family.

Choosing Your Bike should be based on what you want to get back from it. Never choose a bike because someone else thinks it's the right bike for you.