Choices on lowering a 2010 Ultra Classic Electraglide

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    I have put 4,000 miles on my 2010 Ultra Classic and here is what I'm thinking. I'm 5'7 with a 30 inch inseam and weigh 170 lbs. I have the stock Low seat and I'm just barely able to flat foot.I have found wearing a boot with a thicker sole is better than my dress shoes when I ride to work. I checked with C & C about their Sport touring seat and they said it wouldn't be any lower than my stock low seat. They suggested changing the shocks to low profile shocks. I am considering the HD low profile shocks that retail for $279.00. They can probably be ordered some where for 20% off which would make them $223.00.They say they lower the seat height by 3/4 of an inch. My other consideration is the Progressive 940 shocks advertised to lower the seat height by 1 inch.So far the best price I have found is $519.00. Anyone else been in this same situation if so I would sure appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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    I am 5'6" and on the 09 Ultra I had, I put the low profile seat and low profile shocks, and I hit flat footed, with a little knee bend.
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    I am 5' 6" and 145 pounds, I installed the lower profile HD shocks on my 2001 Ultra and I am flat footed with normal soled boots. The ride stayed the same due to the air adjustment ability.
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    C908, I may know a solution to your problem. I will send you a PM
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    Mean city cycles 866-550-seat can rebuild your seat and drop you down 2 or more inches. they have done all my seats for me. I have a 2010 ultra classic I'm 6' but have a 30" inseam. they will ask you for the pan number from the bottom of the seat and tell how low they can go. They can use medical foam. I do 750 mile days. love my seat and around $ 100.00 and will give you a date to ship the seat and will ship it back to you same day. Your only down a few days
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    I am 5'-6" with 30" inseam. I have the low profile touring shocks, lowered front end and the REACH seat. All HD. Definitely flat footed, and lower center of gravity helps with more stable feeling ride.