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Chirp Update


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Okay, here we go again. I was brave & rode the bike to work today, (cold this morning, brrr) so I called the dealership close to the office and asked them if they could take a look at it. I had talked to them several times before and they said to drop it off. We hook up the digital tech, and everything looked good. So they called HD and told them my story. The guy there explained that some sirens do not chirp. They will have the same part number, but some where the may be a letter to designate the generation. He also said that it would be very odd if it was a defective TSSM or siren, that the 'chirp' would be the only thing affected. They also asked him about turning the chirp off, which they seem to get more requests for, and he also said that not all sirens are programmable. So, you may have a siren that chirps and you cannot turn the chirp off.

I am satisfied that my alarm system is working properly so this project is done!:D

Thanks for all the help!
On the Smart Siren II the chirp mode is supposed to be able to turn on and off.
The manual is wrong and nobody seems to know how to turn the chirp off.
I was hopng you had figured it out.
Thanks for the update Joy but it sounds to me like the usual line that they give us about "they all do that" only in reverse. Some do and some don't just doesn't cut it for me. I would have told them then to find me one that does chirp because that's what I wanted, but that's just me.:D
I have the paperwork, I'm going to stop by and talk to them again. I have decided that the chirp will be in the TSSM, as my kit number for that had a 'D' after it. (Paperwork is in the truck so I don't have the part #). The guy at the dealer suggested finding one that chirps & they don't want the chirp & swapping the modules. I told them I would bring the bike in & they could do it, and they said no problem! :s