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    I just want to say that we all need to be very careful when we are traveling and do our very best to check out areas where we plan to overnight. I try to plan in advance as much as possible so that I don't end up in a bad part of town.
    The reason I am saying this is because recently a 56 year old man from TX was in the Jackson, MS area to participate in a professional Bass tournament at the Ross Barnett Reservoir. He got a room at the Motel 6 on I55 in Jackson. I will say that there is no where in the city limits that is safe at all to spend the night. He went out that evening to check on his nice boat and was shot in the face and killed by a 17 year old thug. This story should have been all over the national news, just like the Trayvon Martin case was, but that didn't happen.
    We all have a lot of money invested in our bikes and it seems the world is just getting crazier like the wild west. Y'all check out your destinations with something like Trip Advisor if you can and BE SAFE.
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    I can't help but wonder WHY? Such a sad state out country is in. :(
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    Senseless violence like this is becoming more common it seems. It's truly disheartening to hear of incidents like these on a regular basis. I can only continue to pray for all of our sakes :(
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    I've got another one. My son was moving my future daughter in law and his future wife cross country with a pull-behind Uhaul trailer to their new place of residence. They stopped overnight at a Holiday Inn express close to Oklahoma City. Woke up the next morning and discovered the entire trailer was missing. All her worldly belongings gone. Be careful how and where you park that trailer carrying bikes or not !
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    Good advice Flipper. It's always a good idea to check the reputation of an area before you visit. I have to say that is true for most of the world these days.
    There are a lot of places in London and Manchester areas that I wouldn't go after dark, let alone stay overnight.
    With the state of the economy both in the U.S. and the U.K., there are a lot of people who will attack a person simply because they have a nice bike, car etc., just to steal it because either there are no jobs for them, they don't want a job, or they just want to cause harm.
    Sad but true... Stay Safe out there!!
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    Here are a few reasons "why"......
    You got it, I want it
    "One of my bro's did it"

    I pull up the local Jackson news on my app every day just to see how many crimes are in the headlines.
    It's getting scarier all the time, and there are those that want to take "under God" out of the pledge. Hmmmmm............ I will always have Him in my heart, no matter what.
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    Just a reminder - I know threads like this can get very emotional and somewhat off topic in a hurry. Please refrain from any political commentary - this is a motorcycle forum first and foremost. There are dozens of political forums where you can express those kinds of views.
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    Thanks Flipper!! That's a shame for sure.

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    On my trip back from Sturgis last year some local riders point me to a good hotel, biker friendly in a GOOD part of Nashville of all places you would think one would be safe no matter where you choose to stop
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    Back in my trucking days I used to hea a lot of horror stories of drivers resting along the interstate near Memphis getting jacked, shot, and so on; the reason they stopped there was because of WORSE crime near the city and it's truck stops! We learned to just keep moving until rural; now you can't park on the shoulder anymore anywhere.