Check engine light and no throttle control

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    Three days ago while riding my 2008 Road King, I lost throttle response while cruising at about 30mph. At the same time, the check engine light came on. Shut it down, restarted, check engine light came back on shortly, along with loss of throttle control. Tried the procedure for resetting the idle speed for these electronic throttles (turn ignition on and off three times) and that seemed to clear the problem. Rode around for a couple of days-everything fine until this morning when it did it again. Was able to clear it and move on, but it is obvious something is definitely wrong. Any ideas?
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    There is a connector connected to the throttle body behind the air cleaner cover. Disconnect it, spray with contact cleaner, put a little dielectric grease on the contacts and plug it back in. It can be disconnected without removing air cleaner cover. Should fix the problem. I do this every 5k service have not had the problem since.
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    I had same problem with my 09FLHTCU,Dealer had it 3 times and could not fix it. Did the TSB that Hoople posted, It has been good now for 2k. Like Lancer said clean and apply dielectric grease in throttle body connector also do the same on the PCM connector.