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Check Engine Light-2007FLSTF


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I've recently changed out my throttle, idle and clutch cables on my Fatboy 2007. And now my Check Engine light will not go off. It comes on when it's warmed up. Does anyone know why this may be? I really don't want to resort to the Harley Shop
Kind of late to reply now but if it comes on and stays on, you have a code set and I would think you have a pinched wire in the switch housings as a starting place.
I was at my local HD dealership here in Somerset yesterday and a FB was in for the very same problem. It was in fact a pinched cable, I happened to hear whilst enjoying a cuppa with the mechanics:s


It's a very common problem to have a pinched wire with the lack of space inside the switch housings. I like to reassemble the housings without the screws holding them in the final position and then add the screws without moving the housings. It lessens the chance of tightening the housings with the wire being pinched between the halves.