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Cheap Exhaust Mod......


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I got A/C kit, H-D download. I am saving for slip-ons. Buy i want better exhaust sound now. Was over at buddies house. In the garage i found piece pipe and hammer. You know rest of story. Factory muffler sounds as good as a set of V/H well almost. May not but pipes. souds pretty cool.:D
Let us know if you feel a loss in the bottom end torque which is usually what happens.

Lots of people try this and very few succeed and like the sound after a while which leads to replacing the slip ons.
Something that does work is drilling the end cap with a holesaw, removing the baffle to double that size of the holes from 1/8" to 1/4", and then welding the baffle back in.

Google "Gronk Mod". You want to keep the baffle plug as to not lose the scavenging wave while increasing flow.
I idnt knock the plug out all the way. The hole is about the size of thumb. maybe 3/4 to a inch. Will satisfy my need for a better sound till i get some more cash saved. I am leaning toward the Screamin Eagle slip-ons. Didnt feel no loss in power.Just got a rumble at idle and throttling up. At cruise sounds almost stock.:D