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Charity Rides


I thought it would be good to start a thread about charity events. I will list a few in my area and maybe everyone can add to it.
Date: Nov 11th
Location:Anaheim, California
Event: Veteran's Day Motorcycle Charity Ride
Date: Nov 9-17
Location: Long Beach,California
Event: Freedom Flags Relay for the Troops
Date: Nov 18
Location: Oceanside, CA
Event: Toys for Tots
I seen one of these advertised on the t.v. last week, they did not exlain anything about them. Can you post here what it is all about? How do you do it? What's it for? How much t cost? All that stuff! lol
Entry fees for each event are different. I have seen the fees range from $5- $20. Every event is for something different. Some of them are for local charities and others include larger ones such as Toys for Tots and Cur for Juvenile Diabetes.
Thanks for the info! After you join, then what happens? Do you ride like as in walk a thon or something like that? The one here I seen the ad for is toys for tots I think. Had a lady on a Harley and a man on a foreign bike.
It's generally the same concept as a walk a thon but you ride your bike. There rides are great and they make you feel like in some small way you are helping.
Will have to keep my eyes open for more of these events. We are always into something or another for charity and this sounds like a lot of fun.
I know that every year there is a toys for tots ride here. We also have a charity run by the local pro hockey team that fundscancer research and helps people with cancer. Not sure if they do a charity ride, but they raffle off a bike every year, our local Harley Dealer is very involved and supportive.
I have friends that do the Toys for Tots rides every year. It is a great charity, they have a ton of fun and they collect tons of toys for the kids. Events like this are so much fun to attend and make you feel so good to be a part of.
I have done the Toys for Tots ride the last four years and the ABATE ride the last five years. They are both great events and very worthwhile. I would really like to do more, I will be looking around and see what other rides I can find.
My local club, The Daytona 200 MC, is hosting their 29th Annual "Our Kids" Poker Run on November 19th, 2006.

Once again our charity is "Our Children First/ A Child's Dream".

Our Children First is an Organization that helps familes with Special Need Children at no cost to them.

A Child's Dream provides money for termially ill children to realise their dream wish.

100% of all monies raised goes directly to the charity, we do this each year because we care. If you are going to be in the Daytona Fl area at this time, please consider joining us.

How these runs work (for those of you who do not know) you pay an entry donation (ours is $10.00) you then go on a ride to different stops and either draw cards or roll dice to see who gets the best hand. High and Low Hand wins at ours. We do a 50/50 raffle and a extra prizes raffle, as well as give out door prizes. This year our final stop is donating Lunch. We also do an action where you can bid on items that have been donated. Again we us all money raised goes to the Kids (not all groups give all they raise, some give a percent).

As my count is not high enough yet to post the link, you will have to do a search on Daytona 200 MC to find out more info. Look at the Upcoming Events (I hope that this is not a violation of TOU, if so please remove this part)

Hope you will find this helpful.

Ride Safe