Charity Raffle

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I read a really great story today in the DesMoines Register online. Since I don't have 20 posts yet, I can't post the link. If you just go to the DesMoines Register website it's in the 'juice' section. The guy who did the charity work is named Jeff Anders and he raised money for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. The article is dated October 24th, 2006.

It's always great to see bikers doing charity work, and seeing as I have a soft spot for animals, I liked this story even more. I thought the finished bike he customized was incredible.
I looked it up and wow what a great job he did. i love to see the biker community in action, best people in the world when it comes to helping those in need, man and animal included! It is really too bad that some people cannot see past the bike to the person!
i like to halp out with this kind of thing whenever I can. I feel like the biker community does so much good and that the more we do the more people will see that and will not be so down on bikes. Plus, helping just plain makes you feel good!!