Charging system problem

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by rgoot01, Feb 23, 2014.

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    My buddy has a 2001 Electra Glide Standard. He decided to wash his bike this morning before we went on a ride with a couple of friends. Well, he went to the car wash and washed it and after doing so he had charging problems. Is it possible that he got water into a connection and shorted his charging system? I ask because when I pulled apart the harness connection there was water droplets if the connector. I tested everything from the battery to regulator to stator and I can only conclude that he shorted something by taking it to the carwash.
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    If he was using one of those pressure washer type wands at the car wash. Any kind of electrical problem could rear its ugly head. Water under pressure isn't good for washing the bike. You can force water in places its not supposed to be IMO.
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    Very likely the problem is related to the car wash. There are many places to check. I'd start with the plug coming out of the front of left case (unless that is the one you mentioned).