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Charging problems on a 95 FLHT.


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My voltmeter normally show about 10 volts at idle but rises to 12 volts or better at normal riding speeds.
I was riding yesterday when I noticed the needle stayed at 10 volts all of the time. I got home and started looking for obvious problems. I checked the battery and found the voltage was low.
It would not come up when increasing the rpm.
I followed the testing procedures in the service manual and the results are as follows.

The regulator tests passed.
No voltage on regulator pins.
No continuity to ground.

The resistance across the stator is .2 Ohms.
The is no continuity from the stator to ground.

AC output at 2000 rpm is only 26 volts. I think this is supposed to be 32 to 40 volts.

The battery is an HD AGM battery which was installed in November of 2005.

I took the battery to Autozone but they said they could not test motorcycle batteries. It is on the charger now and I will try to get some one to test it later. Even if the battery is weak, the system would still try to charge, wouldn't it?

Any ideas?

Check the regulator harness where it goes down and under the frame to see if the wires have rubbed through on the edge of the bracket.
A lot of times the stator will show output when the test is done but still not operate under the load of charging when hooked up to the system.

Here's the procedure for testing that I use.

Testing The Charging System - Harley Davidson Community
I got a 95 flhtc .
The HD manual says AC output should be 32-40 AC volts (16-20 per 1000 RPM) at the stator socket.
The manual advises if output is below specifications, charging problem could be faulty rotor or stator.

My thoughts on this are . If the voltage measured at the stator socket are not to spec and the wires are not frayed or damaged in any way or contacts are not corroded it points to the stator or rotor.
As a rookie (speaking for myself only) I would repeat measuring the AC voltage from the stator socket.