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Charging Circuit Problem?

I just returned from my first outing on my "new to me" 1996 FLSTF. Bike sat for a couple weeks after purchase on a Battery Tender, and showed green light (full charge) before leaving on my 2 hour "shake down" ride. Bike performed awesome, though I must admit, it will take me a while to get used to it. When I got back, I reconnected the Battery Tender, and it went to red light(charging). I just checked it and it is still red light after 4 hours. Do I have issues in my charging circuit, or is this normal? My BMW R1150R returns to a green light setting within an hour. FLSTF has 7000 original miles, so I would think charging system would be in good condition.:shock
How old is the battery?If you are not sure pull it and take it to your local parts store they should be able to load test it for you(make sure it's fully charged).
They do take a while sometimes depending on how long the key and light were on before you parked it. The battery may be a bit sulfated from sitting in non use which would account for it. The more you start and charge it the shorter it should take to recharge on the tender. Remember too that the tender is only putting out a tiny charge compared to the charging system in the bike.
Check out the self help info section on checking the charging sys. As long as you have a VOM, there is nothing hard about the precedures they are describing.

I would at least fire up the bike run around the block and then measure the voltage across the battery while idling. You should be getting 13.5 volts or better. Shut the bike down, then unplug the alternator wire at the front of the engine, stick the VOM probes across the alternator plug (on the engine side), fire up the bike and measure the AC voltage. Should be about 20+/- Vac/1000 rpm. Shut off the bike and turn off the switch. Measure Vdc to ground of the voltage regulator pins to see if you are getting any bleed back.

If all that checks out, ride it like you stole it!

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