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Changing wheels


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Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself to the forum and mention that this is my first posting. I'm chilout from West Palm Beach FL, a senior riding an 04 1200XLC, looking for some info about changing the front wheel on my bike.
I see a lot of 19" mag wheels on ebay that state they will fit both Dyna and Sportster bikes. When I asked the Harley dealer he tells me that is not so, that I would have to make sure I get the right wheel to be able to install it. I am interested in changing out my stock 21" spoked wheel for a 19" , 13 spoke mag wheel. I would like to know what to look for to be able to adapt it to my bike. Also, what is the largest size tire I can use on the 19" wheel? Any help will be appreciated. Nice meeting all of you.

Thanks Hobbit. Appreciate the quick response from someone with a good reputation who's previous responses to other inquiries I've read. I'll be looking forward to an educating experience here at the forum.
I run a 110/90-19 on my spoke front wheel. The Avon website has tire fitment for rim size. I called the rep and he was very helpful as far as fitment
and handling questions. I did have to spread out the sides of the fender so it would fit. I really like the larger tire for looks as well as better handling. It
also filled up the upper space between the fender and the top of the tire. I think the rim width on the mag wheel is the same but I would check it to be sure.
Hello there Goshhawk, You say you have a 110x19. I was wondering if you have any pics? Thanks for the reply.