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Changing headlight


I have a 2001 FXST. I took the stock headlight off & sold it on eBay, then order a custom light. The custom light came with 3 wires(White, Green, & Blue). The stock pigtail on the bike has 4 wires(White, Black, Yellow, & Orange w/White stripe). The only option on the bike when I bought was the factory alarm(I don't know if that has anything to do with it)

Any Ideas on how I can make this light work?
This should be your stock wiring.


Wire up the new light with some temp wires to check and see which circuit is the high/low and ground and wire it accordingly to the wiring in this diagram.

Use two jumpers from the battery pos and neg, ground the headlight shell to the neg and momentarily touch the other wires (blue and green) one at a time. One will light high beam and one will light low beam and the third will be a direct short to the ground wire (be careful here) that you attached to the shell of the light which will probably be the white. Use a test light between the white wire and touch it to the shell of the light. If it lights then that white wire is the ground wire for the light .