Changing front tire

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by khaleddyab, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. khaleddyab

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    I have XL 1200 Sporteter 2006. I want to change the front tire with fatter one. does anyone know which on I should go for without changing the wheel and the front fork.

  2. dbmg

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    The tire dealer will have a fitment chart. Your options maybe limited due to width of wheel. Might check owners manual also.
  3. khaleddyab

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    Thanks, I am in Libya you see we do not have this kind of service, can you refer me to someone in USA.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I have a 2006 sport,1200 roadster... The stock front tire is 100x90x19...

    I know if I were to go with the next tire size UP of 110x90x19 it would fit the rim Okay but really tight in the fender straps that hold the fender on..

    I have done this on my 2000 FXDS (VERY similar to the Sport), going from stock 100 to a wider front tire (110) but i also used a port-a-power to make the Fender straps (bow out) to fit tire at the widest part without touching the tire... One full size tire increase usually makes 1/4" Wider on EACH Side of tire and on my sport, that would Touch or close to touch......

    The extra work needed is not worth the Gain UNLESS you can Neatly Bow the fender straps your self AND is Not worth the Work to make it Work...But I was (am) stubborn...

    Remember the tire air must be loose (out) to get past the fender straps in the first place... the 110 size made it tighter to get it in there but it worked good..:D