Changing fork oil on 2010 FXDC

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Heck52, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Today I change the oil on my 2010 FXDC and had a little problem. The book said 28.7 oz and when I went to the dealer yesterday and I asked of 4 pints the looked at me funny and said it only holds 11-14oz per fork. Well when I pumped out the oil and found that I had pumped out 26oz per side I now did not have enough oil for the job. I also had lost count of the amount of oil I had pumped out. Now the bike is on the stand forks still in and at an angle. The oil level given in the manual is 3.74" straight up in a bench stand. So in order for me to get the right level I took a glass of water, filled it to 3.74" below the top to the glass matched it up against the fork for the right anlge and got the right oil level for the fork on the bike. 3 8/32's" on the high side of the oil level or back of fork. Lessoned learned never assume the parts guy is right. I even asked 2 people and looked at the manual together. They said the 28.7oz is a total.
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    I think it is safe to say, "never trust the parts guy". Unless he is an old wrench guy that is just tired of turning the wrench and is taking a break on the parts counter. The others are wanna be's. Trying to impress with how much they know and how it's so much more than you!! Usually a big disappointment.

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    Could not Agree more, another reason I measure what I take out just to compare and have a base line