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    I’ve often looked at the way students are graded in school and I believe it’s time for a change. We have a present system that uses A-F, A being the best and F the worst. I want to change this, see the new grades below.
    A= awful. B= bad. C= see if you can do better. D= delightful. E= excellent. F= fantastic.

    In Florida there is the controversial F.C.A.T. the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. Every year there always seems to be a problem with the test. I suggested to the school board that they do away with the test and use a real world measurement test one that would make sure students have the basic skills necessary to function: reading, writing, math, spelling, counting and reasoning. I suggested the Florida Academic Required Testing (also known as the F.A.R.T.). This is a test students take every year to move onto the next grade, basically shows if they learned anything in that grade. If they cannot pass the test they go to summer school (there goes your summer vacation) for the Prepared Remedial Universal Needed Education Supplement (P.R.U.N.E.S.) and retake the test, sometimes a student may have a tough time with certain subjects and this helps to move the thought process along. By the time they leave the 8th grade and move onto the final 4 years the student will have taken 8 state required F.A.R.T.s. Going into the next four years which is preparing the student for the real world, they will be learning a vocational skill or preparing for college and they will be required to participate in the Be Educated Alert Noticed Sharp program (B.E.A.N.S.). This program will teach students needed social skills like manners, how to dress properly and being responsible for the last 4 years a student is in school. In the 12th grade students should Graduate Achieve Succeed, because you cannot go anywhere without G.A.S.
    After I pitched this program to the school board at a meeting they threw me out.
    This is meant to be funny, not offensive. We all need a good laugh.
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    Love it!
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    Good one.:lolrolling