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    I'm looking for true duals for 1340 evo. I ride a 1994 FLSTC.
    Seems that the pipes for varied companies cut off at '97 or '95 and I seem to have a red-head step-child for true dual exhaust. Samson said all I need to do to fit their true duals is tap the frame on the primary side of the bike. Sounds simple enough I guess. Anyone else have this problem? Any possible solutions? I really want to run the V&H true duals (larger diameter, deeper tone) and I wonder if it will be a similar easy fix or a fabricating nightmare. I saw some Bassani pipes, but hate the way they don't shoot straight back (kinda bend up half-way back).

    Okay guys. . . .I managed to get a hold of a few of these brand-name dealers like Samson and V&H. Seems that most agree it's a simple matter of not having the same holes on both sides of the bike. Looks like there are holes for exhaust mount brackets on the right side of a '94 but not on the left side. Some kits may offer a bracket that reaches from right to left, but it seems that to use these true duals, the easiest ting to do is just tap the holes for the brackets on the left side in the same place as the holes on the right. I'll know for sure around the middle of may when I hang that beautiful V&H setup on my hawg. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Have you got'n the pipes yet???
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