changed to mobil 1 20w 50 syn now see white substance in oil tank??

Discussion in 'Oil' started by ron1978, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. ron1978

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    i recently changed my fluids to mobil 20w 50 full syn, i have maybe 15 miles on oil , i pulled oil still to find around top of oil cap this butter like substance, its white and creamy, , i looked at oil stick and its not in the oil, what could it be??
    2005 road king 29,000 miles

    the other oil that was in it i have no clue what it was, this was my first oil change with syn.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Short rides the oil will not get hot enough to burn off all the water vapors, this will make your oil appear milky, Try longer rides to see what happens:s
  3. Hoople

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    Yep... Sounds like water to me also. Use to get it on Air-cooled VW Type 1 engines all the time back 30 years ago..:)

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    That is common on motors that don't get Hot enough to cook out the water..

    Noticed you said you have 15 miles on the new oil..

    This may be the problem, I have never gone less than 30/50 mile rides so my moisture cooks out.

    If you are starting and stopping the engine before it really gets HOT, short runs and the like.. This is what happens.... I find it to be more prone on the oil tanks that are up on the side of the bike, like the soft-tails and sport models...(JMO)

    I always tell others, when they ask to HEAr my bike,,, to come back when I go for a ride to listen to my bike..
    Never start it and shut it off,,,, unless working on it. Only starting 99% of the time is when it gets out for a Long putt.

    One old bike,under seat tank, had a lot of thick stuff in the bottom of tank(sludge). It was caused by Not changing out oil and never enough Heat to dry-out the oil tank and condensation built up over time and made the problem even worse when the guy stirred it up and tried to get it all out of the tank..

    I suggested that he Pull off the tank and get it boiled out, even with HOT water would work..

    The oil used has a lot to do with sludge and moisture build-up.

    I think fully synthetic oils the best for Not slugging up and as far as moisture, Not a wanted thing in any oil OR tank. EVEN though synthetic says they run COOLER(bad sometimes)

    Inside the engine on old ford V-8's , I would see a Ton of it under valve covers in the old days 1955,57 and all i saw used texaco oil..
    Probably just a curse on the way the old ford motors held in the moisture..
    Never saw it on a small block chevy though.

    This Last statement ought to Stir up some Moisture..:bigsmiley15: Haw haw

  5. TQuentin1

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    That is called an emulsion, and is the oil and water getting entrained due to the agitation of the internal working components of your engine. Did you wash your bike after changing the oil? I suspect you may have gotten water inside the engine or oil tank.

    As said above, you need to ride that bike long enough for the engine OIL to get up to operating temp, not just the metal. That will be 20+ miles for most of us. Take a ride for 100 miles ASAP and see it that problem just evaporates!!

  6. Admiral Nelson

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    Used to happen on my Ducati Multistrada - I could see all this milky gunk through an oil viewing port. I agree it goes away after a decent ride to give it enough time to burn off.
  7. glider

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    You don't want to store the bike with that moisture in the oil either. Make sure to run it like mentioned at least 20+ miles before storing it or you can create problems.
  8. BluesFan

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    We check our diesel shipments for water before off load.