CD stuck in player!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by squeek17, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. squeek17

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    Well i tried to update the software in my radio on my 06 SG, did all the steps, it never updated and the cd will not eject. I tried taking the fuses out as instructed with no luck. Any ideas??
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    I think I read somewhere that if a CD sticks while upgrading software it will eject after a few minutes of riding. Don't remember where I read it, never had to do it but I hope it works!.:D
  3. Scrounger

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    True it will eject when you are riding but the radio firmware has to be working for that to work. Does the service manual say anything about removing a CD? I thought the CD had a manual eject on the front or the back somewhere. Not 100% sure and no where near my service manual.
  4. trvlr

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    I can't offer any suggestions on getting the CD out in this particular situation. But on my car which had a 6-slot disc feature built into the CD player, I burnt a disc using a CD-RW disk, and that one got stuck and wouldn't come out. Had to get the entire CD unit replaced.

    Never had a problem with any of the CD-R discs I have used over and over...but no more will I put in a CD-RW disc into my car...and won't be doing that on the scoot either - more for a precautionary measure than anything.
  5. gusotto

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    Owners manual warns "Not to use double sided CD's" as they may become permanently lodged.
    Hope that isn't your problem.

    Some computers used to have a small hole in front that would let you eject with a straightened paper clip.