CB/Speedometer problem

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by sgt_1230, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Well, we took our long awaited trip out to MN, ND & SD and it was great. When we were getting ready to go, I checked out the CB's on my 2010 UC Limited and my wife's 2007 UC CVO. Her's wouldn't work. I called the dealer where we bought her bike and they got it in right away and said the CB module was bad. They had another used 07 UC, so took the module off it and put it on the wife's bike and it worked fine (for about 50 miles). About 50 miles down the road her speedometer quit working. When the speedo doesn't work, the cruise also doesn't work. After many painful miles of no cruise or speedo, we figured out that as soon as you press the PTT button to talk on the CB, it killed the speedo & cruise. Since we got home I have just turned off the CB and now speedo & cruise work fine again. Spoke to the dealer about it and he had no idea what it could be. Hoping someone out there has an idea what the problem could be. The dealer has been great about helping out, since we bought her bike from them used(no warranty with 17,000 miles on it). We did end up with just shy of 2000 miles on the trip on the bikes. Kind of a pain not being able to use the CB to converse back/forth, but on a long trip you really need the cruise.