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    I have less than 500 miles on my Ultra Limited and last week while riding my cb went out and then came back on a few miles later? When it quits if I hit the com button it says on the radio display "Com module not installed see dealer". I took it there last week and it was working when I got there. So they took fairing all apart and (EDIT)
    with all the connecters and sent me on my way. Well today in the first part of a ride it did the same thing but somehow came back on. It was on for around twenty miles. Our group stopped for a sandwich when I returned for our ride home it was out again and is still out! Same meesage on radio display in fact I took a picture so the dealer can see it in case it starts working on the way there. Any ideas? Our group uses CB's and it is a needed item to work. Never had a problem with me 2006 Ultra? Can't keep going back and forth.
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