Catalytic converters

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    I heard that all the '10's were getting them which is why I bought an '09. CAT's do nothing to prevent global warming, they actually make more CO2 as they burn off unburnt fuel, they do however prevent smog. Just like cars I would have to think somone will make free flowing CAT's for high performance bikes, although that is going to make for an expensive set of head pipes. Has anyone heard of any? I personally think bikes are a green statement already. We are using far less fuel than someone driving a 3000 lb SUV. I have a coworker who drives a Prius since his commute is 75 miles each way, broke his heart when I told him that my bike gets better fuel milage.
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    Haven't heard about cats for bikes, but it wouldn't surprise me. IMO, we certainly have to be responsible when it comes to the environment, heck, we live here! But as with a lot of good ideas, someone will always see the profit motive, and start prostituting what was once a great idea. Without mentioning names, a certain former vice president was worth an estimated $2 mil when he left office. Last tally saw his net worth about $100 mil. If "cap & trade" goes through, estimates are a net worth in the billions....If someone can make a buck from fitting motorcycles with cats, it'll more than likely be done, whether it's a beneficial idea or not....
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