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Catalytic Converters


are good if you;re running the bike while at running temp.

I went on a test ride a few weeks ago and the salesman was riding a Street Rod. The exhaust pipes were smoking for a while. He told me it was due to the fact that the showroom floor bikes are ridden very infrequently and that the converters don't have time to get up to temp, so a lot of moisture collects in the peices parts and that's what the smoking was.

So, if you see some smoke coming from your exhaust on a VRSC and you're a fair weather rider, that's prolly it. Just ride for a while and it will stop.
Thanks for the tip. I would have probably been shocked when I go to ride the new model if it started smoking away. I have never seen a bike do that for years so I would have probably thought something was wrong and run the other way.