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Care for Denim paint jobs

Idaho John

Hi: I was wondering what others have found works with washing and keeping the new denim finishes clean.

I was told the day that I bought this particular Bob that it would just be a matter of hot water and some dishwashing soap. However as we start to thaw and the bugs come back, I am finding that hot water and a scrub do not do the job. Any suggestions? Are pressure washers or car washes out of the question with this finish.

My dealer does not have an answer on this, that is why I am asking the community.

Idaho John
Hobbit: tnx for the links, however the top one would not allow me to download so I have not a clue as to what that would have told me, but the other one worked fine and is more information than my dealer appears to have...

Thanks again.:bigsmiley12:

Idaho John