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Carburetor Problem


I hope someone can help me. When I start my 86 sportster the does not idle it runs but its like someone is holding the throttle wide open.

We need more information here. Could be a few things. Cable stuck? Intake gasket leak? Probably a couple more.
I would check the needle and sear and float level if this just started happening . Also make sure the float has no gas in it.

New battery. Installed myself. On final startup on a trip yesterday, got a racheting sound. Push started it. At home, shut off and then tried to start again.

All the cables and wires appear fine. An interesting aside - when turning in at home on the trip home, I noticed that the light, dash lights worked, but the turn signals wouldn't work - that condition remains. The racheting sound comes from the lower right rear inside the right cover. I suppose I'll have to take it in for an assist Tuesday morning.
Anybody get any more info from Trucker. First thing I would check would be the throttle cable and the idle set screw.