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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Ishmael, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Just when the end is in sight, it moves a little further away. The tachometer is installed and works great. I'm near the end of restoring the 2000, 883 Hugger back to its near original condition. Well, no I'm not! Engine spits, backfires and just generally runs poorly. Not to mention that the crankcase was filled with gasoline when the fluids were drained. That problem was hopefully solved with a new petcock. PO, who stated the bike was in excellent condition, had obviously been into the carb and buggered it up beyond repair. Mismatched screws throughout, improper jetting and worst of all, a broken boss for the float hinge. Well, this is part of the fun of a restoration, or at least that's the way I look at it. I'm beginning my search for a replacement carb and thought I'd pick the collective mind of the HDT forum. I guess a Keihin CV replacement would be easiest but thought I'd ask if anyone has had good success with other aftermarket carbs. I have a good carb off an older Sportster but its a butterfly type and I'm guessing it won't fit though I haven't dug it out to check yet. I would think there would be a pretty big used parts business out there but I don't know of any. Anyone had a good past experience with a used Harley parts enterprise? I've also posted an ad in the HDT "Parts Wanted" section. Comments, suggestions and ideas always welcome. Thanking you in advance for any advice. I'm having fun...I think.
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    I have a couple of spare cv carbs here but the shipping would be expensive they do not work well in my environment
    I have replaced the carbs on my bikes with mikuni hsr they work well right out of the box and suit my environment much better than the stock cv
    Although you will need an adaptor to fit a standard air cleaner backplate

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    Harley Davidson Community if u have a stock C V carb have a look in the self help section, they are very good carbs and parts are available to rebuild them