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Carb Problem 94 Heritage


My friend has a 94 Heritage with stock carb and V & h longshots. The bike ran good last year and we used stabil in the tank this winter. Now it runs good under most speeds, but at cruising (60-70mph) when you open the throttle hard it bogs, coughs and spits terribly. Also pops through the exhaust during this. We tried to run a couple tanks of seafaom thru it but it hasn't helped much. Any ideas?? I'm thinking carb rebuild time, if so does anyone know if I can get the rebuild parts in the form of a kit from Harley and what the part# might be. Thanks in advance. GIL
I just went throught this problem myself. and made the repair this week. For myself at any rpm at cruising speed if i nailed it to "WOT" it would bog or cough. now not to say other parts cant cause the same problem it is a simple easy repair to try first. is all
The repair was the accelerator pump diaphram. its a simple repair simply remove the 3 screws from the pump at the bottom of the carb and the diaphram will come out be sure to turn off your petcock and you might want to run the bike out of gas with the petcock off. other then that only a little gas leaks down out of the pump but enough that you don't want it everywhere because you will have to start it to determine if there are any leaks. Also besure to note the diaphram there are two sides to it one with a larger metal tab and one that is smaller. if the diaphram does not come down when removing pump cover it is more then likely just a simple pry (with your fingers)away from coming out. Oh and p.s. do it with the bike cold please. dont want burn pictures the next post on here.
If you go to they will show diagrams of carburetors.