Car did a U turn in front of me!

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    My girlfiend and I were on our way to the Ribfest on Sunday. On highway #7 just inside the city limits a guy in the slow lane pulls in front of me and does a u-turn right in front of me. I didn't have time to blast him with the horn but was prepared to slow down (I was in the passing lane) to avoid t-boneing him.

    I didn't know what to do but my old instincts said I needed to talk to whoever was behind the wheel. I got ahead of him and drove at half the speed limit deciding what to do. Suddenly he pulled into a school parking lot and parked.

    I turned around again and was already forming in my mind what to say to him. I was going to say "what driving school did they teach you that trick in?"

    Instead I rolled up to face the driver and he was immediately very apologetic. Apparently he "didn't see me".

    I explained that you are not supposed to do u-turns on major streets and that he could have killed us in a calm manner and we rode away.

    This is the third time I have been "invisible" to a driver. The first time I was on a brand new bike and the bike (not to mention me) was damaged on both sides.

    Just thought I would remind people we are sometimes "invisible"- safe riding!
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    Good you were prepared and expected the unexpected.

    Some folks I ride with occasionally seem to have more problems with visibility than I do. Sure, I get my share of inattentive cagers making my hair stand on end, but these guys help to make themselves invisble, They loiter in blind spots instead of getting alongside someone they're passing where they can be seen or gettin' the heck by them without delay. When they see a cage approaching a Stop sign at great speed they assume they'll stop.... they don't cover their brakes and they aren't ready to swerve if necessary.

    There's techniques to maximize your visibility and awareness in order to make the unexpected less so. No guarantee you'll always be able to avoid trouble but it improves the odds.

  3. threesteps

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    Glad it worked out ok. Way to be on top of whats going on.

    Usually, I'm so mad if someone pulls some boneheaded deal while driving it's best I don't have a "chat" with them.:newsmile055:
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    It's nice to hear that the cager apologized. He might be just a little more careful in the future. And, good for you to politely bring the situation to his attention. A win-win situation.
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    sorry Jim, an apology doesnt mean the cage wont do it again
    down the road. I agree its better to be polite ( which would be
    very difficult for me ) .

    I like my loud pipes :)
    have seen several times a day people hesistate and look
    while thinking about moving into my area.. why ?
    cause even when they cant 'see' me, I am happy when they
    can 'hear' me.

    loud pipes saves lives.. chiefly, mine.
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    A neurosurgeon here in Texas did a study back in the 80's about cage drivers in motorcyle accidents. He had a group of volunteers, all of whom had been involved in accidents with bikes and claimed to have not seen them, undergo hypnotic regression. It turned out that the drivers were telling the truth. Their brain never registered the presence of a motorcycle until the moment of impact. It seems that we really are invisible to many motorists.

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    Had it happen to me on July 1st...Young lady decided to u-turn across me at a major (no no) intersection...I ended up slamming into the side of her van...Walked into my house that afternoon and hugged the (EDIT) out of my kid...Did about 3G's damage to Blu baby (all front end)...Consider myself a careful and experienced rider. Got the bike turned enough to absorb the blow with my shoulder (never hit the ground)...Asked her what was she thinking, she never answered... All that was left to say was God is good

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Even better to ride as if you are ALWAYS invisible and other drivers will ALWAYS do something unexpected. True, this requires you to slow down, ride conservatively, and not roar down the road without a care in the world but that's a small price to pay IMHO.
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    Great advice. We need to do all that we can to make those around us aware of our presence. Whatever it takes.
    Sadly, I am begrudgingly beginning to accept the fact that if I were to meet my end by some driver cutting in front of me and he exclaimed " I didn't see him", that it would be completely accepted hands down, as a bona fide reason!! :(

    I had read a similar study some time ago. These people aren't "bad" people, or even bad drivers for the most part. They are normal folks that for some reason or other can't perceive what disaster is about to take place because it simple doesn't register in their brains. Top it off by equipping them with cell phones and the perfect storm begins to brew.
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    I've had cagers encroach into my lane several times; most of them while talking on the phone. But the worst one was a few months ago there was a lady behind me to the right side on a double lane ramp from one major highway onto another. Next thing I know she pulls even with me; I look over to see her staring me right in the eyes and she pulls over into my lane. If I would have had a gun, I'd probobly be in jail right now.