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    Hi All:

    Want to replace my matte saddlebag caps of my 2008 Police Road King. Just got back from Daytona, great time, great weather. While I was at Daytona I saw a Police bike with nice chrome caps. Any idea where I can get them or any idea replacing those caps?? Thanks Lesroadking
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    I ride a 2001 Road King Police bike. I didn't really care for the "hockey puck" look, so last year I installed chrome latches. They are a flush mount, chrome fixture that replaces the OEM pucks. It's a pushbutton operation...push the button and it pops up, turn it 1/4 turn in either direction and lift. To close you simply push the lid down and it latches. Nice chrome buttons fill in the holes where the original rivets are. I siliconed it all from the backside to ensure a raintight seal. I found them on ebay, for approx. $40. Installation took approx. 1 hour. I think they're made in black as well....Search "HD Police Pop-up Latch" on ebay...
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    I also have a Roadking Police. I love the saddlebags. Great for opening even when you are riding. HAHAHAH You can get the chrome hockey puck covers from J&P cycle. Just saw them in the 2009 Catalog. Also they come in various designs. I also bought the popups and when I paint it I will install them. Wish I had seen those J&P cycle caps first though. Anyway. Hope that helps.:small3d026: