Can't remember the wreck

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Tippy, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Well on 5/12/10 i woke up in the CCU unit in the hospital wondering why i was hearting so bad and where am i. I was told i had a motorcycle wreck and was life flighted to to this hospital. I do not remember how it happened the troopers report said he thought i fell asleep. I don't think so never had that problem at noon riding a bike. I was just outside a small town and left the road at the first turn. Trooper said he though i might have been lying along side the road for about 2 hours before he spotted me. I can't see how at noon just outside a town. Anyway 10,000 dollars damage to my Deuce, five broken ribs, punctured and collapsed lung,concussion,broken collar bone and knee meniscus torn. Finally surgery to repair my collar bone, shoulder ligament and knee repair in three days. All i can think about is getting back on my bike and the wife raising you know what. She said it is craze to want to ride again after coming so close to buying the farm so to speek. I need some support or encouraging words from fellow riders. How do i make my wife understand that riding is something i do and i can't imagine not riding. Thanks for listening.
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    It takes good one on one conversation.. from your heart....GOD BLESS on your last wreck was in 83 i still don't rember much either...
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    Tippy; I'm glad that you are on the mend, and apparently will make a full recovery. I've been riding for a long time and have lost friends to fatal accidents. I've had friends that quit after minor accidents, saying "it was a warning". I've had friends that were badly injured, that got back on as soon as they were able to, saying "I've got the big one behind me". I applaud your desire to get back to riding. But I don't envy your task of getting your wife to agree. Good luck.
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    Sorry to hear about your wreck but if you look on the brighter side, you're still here.
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    I think I would be more concerned with trying figure out what happened. May need to run test for sleep apnea which is fairly common. You dodged one bullet (barely) this time. It would drive me nuts if I couldnt find at least something of an idea of what went wrong. Were there any skid marks? I imagine you will beat yourself up at night trying to figure it out. Best of luck. Hope you can get back up & going soon.
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    Glad you are on the mend and doing better. I have a friend that had the same thing happen this year. In fact when I was reading your post I thought it was him until you said you had a Duece, he had an Ultra Classic. His wife doesn't want him riding anymore either and she like to ride too. I don't think he is going to get back on and if that's what he and she want it must be OK. I hope you get to work it out with your wife so both of you are happy and satisfied.
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    Thanks guys all good comments and appreciate the beet wishes. BossMan you are exactly right i have gone to the accident sight and set and studied the touraine, watched the traffic, looked at the signage for intersecting roads trying to understand what happened. I also thought it might bring a memory or two back but no luck so far. Yes i do lay awake at night wondering if i may have done something stupid causing the accident. I can't imagine it being anything else because i can't imagine someone forcing me off the shoulder and leaving me there.
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    Tippy, glad your here to tell the tale. I would follow the advise of my M.D.'s and make sure everything is functioning properly before you swing a leg over the bike. Your wifes reaction is understandable in that she almost lost you and you have no idea what happened. You will no doubt have to do some talking before the next ride and you might need to make some concessions. Good luck with the rehab and the wife.
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    Another thing to think about, as your location isn't stated, is heat exhaustion, this can cause you to pass out. How hot and very important what was the humidity like?
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    Glad you,re on the mend. It will take lots of time for your wife to come around if she ever does. Be patient it was a close one for her too. Best of luck to both of you.