Can't locate chirping noise???

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by fpd4308, Jun 8, 2010.

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    I seem to have developed a chirping noise on my 1996 softail with 80ci Evo with belt primary and chain drive. The motor only has around 900 miles on it and I am not sure if it just started or just got loud enough that I can now hear it as the motor was breaking in. It seems to happen at a certain rpm (not sure what rpm because no tach) and it doesnt matter if it is in gear, or out of gear, clutch in, clutch out, rolling or just sitting. Not sure if it stops after a certain speed or not because I can't really hear over the road, motor and wind noise. It seems to be coming from somewhere above the transmission but below the seat. Maybe in the area of the oil tank but not sure definately from the right side of the bike though. I have checked all the fluid levels and all looks fine. idling warm oil pressure is around 20psi. I thought it might be something rattling so I checked tightness on everything I could find. Primary belt and drive chain seem to be adjusted properly. Maybe it is just inherient to the break in? Not sure so I thought maybe someone may have an idea or had a similiar experience.

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    Check for a exhaust leak
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    The one thing I didnt check. I tightened the exhaust to rear cylinder and the sound sunstantially lessened so I am thinking maybe bad exhaust gasket. I dont have mufflers so that limited it down to just the motor end of the exhaust. Thanks for the advice.
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    You might try retorquing the heads. Head gasket leaks start out as a slight chirping noise. Ask me how I know