Canadians and US shipping

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    Canadians who want to buy from US mail order houses and live close by to Port Huron Mi can use a service called Bluewater Shipping Depot for a mailing address. I haven't tried it yet but the way it works, you order your goodies and use their address, you call them and notify them that you are sending a shipment and they will call or email when shipment arrives. The cost starts at $5. a package up to 25 lbs (I think). There is no brokerage fees because they don't do any shipping just recieving. It is a legal operation.
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    There's a similar service available for Manitobans at Pembina, ND.
    There's Pembina Parcel Service run by a sweet elderly lady that I've dealt with a few times. Same $5 US (or $6 CDN funds) fee per parcel. Saved me a bundle on brokerage and Canada Post fees (shipping fees more than double when it crosses the border).
    Do an internet search and it should come up with their website.

    There's also a hardware store in Pembina that offers the service.
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    Many of the small US towns on the Canadian / US border (near border crossings) have similar shipping / receiving business's in place. I have been using one located on the British Columbia / Washington State border for many years and it works great! Most of them also accept USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.

    It's surprising how many on-line supplier's either don't ship to Canada or want to charge a much higher (International) shipping rate to send an item to Canada. If you live anywhere near the border, it simplifies shipping and is much faster than shipping to Canada too.

    Just make sure you have all your paper work organized when you return to Canada at the border crossing.

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    There is a parcel service in Walhalla, N.D. that I have used several times. They charge $2.50 Canadian or U.S. for a parcel and up to $20.00 for forklift service. They're so busy they're so busy they're expanding.