can you tell which model?

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    most the time i can pick out an ultra without a problem.

    i can pick out a sportster - usually.

    after that - i really have a had time telling which is which.

    and then of course there are times when i have even been wrong as to whether it is a HD or not. obviously, the closer i get the more certain i am as to it being an HD or an imposter.

    any body out there (except for sales people) can pick them right out by model?
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    I feel your pain. Here's some pointers I figured out, (oh yeah, get the book for the models from a dealer & study it :D). But, the dyna series has the shocks outside the rear fender & the battery is under the seat, sort of on the side. The v-rod also has shocks outside the fender, but it's style is easy to recognize.

    The softails have the oil tank right under the seat for the most part.....and you can't see the shocks outside the frame.

    So after studying up on the basics, then you get to start looking for the little differences. Like the rear fender of one of the softails & the dyna wide glide are the same. Then the softail duece & the v-rod have the same type of rear fender.

    Gotta get back to work now, but this may get you started. I always wondered how my brother new all the differences, but I guess if you look at them & read enough, you figure it out over time. :s Have fun.

    Oh yeah, I started with things that I liked about each one.
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    The only models I have som trouble distinguishing are in the Dyna line. I know every other model just by looking at it, but some of the Dyna models are very close to each other....