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can you help,wind sheild pouch/bags for cvo seuc 2007


hi folk's

live in england having problems finding a windsheild pouch for my seuc 2007, uk harley dealers have suppied and failed 3 different part number all not fitting because the screaming eagle model has you extra thinkness of leather,
can anybody help with a part number
thank you
I would not recommend a windshield pouch.I had one and the vibration against the windshield was extremely annoying and when I took it off, it had scratched the widshield from rubbing on it.This one had three pouches and covered the entire lower half of the windshield on my Ultra.
Try part HD # 58928-08. It is the dual pocket pouch and works great with the screaming eagle windshield I have on mine.
Sorry but I think your out of luck due to dash pad on seuc. doesn't have to do with windshield so much as the pad that is on top of dash area not allowing clearance for factory pouches. I have the two pouch setup for street glide.
Hi Acerider, my husband has the leather dash pad on his electra glide & we got the 3 pouches to fit. It was tight, and we expect that if we remove them it will show wear marks on the windshield. However, after examining the windshield before installation, we saw enough wear & tear for lack of a better term, on the bottom of the windshield that we would expect replacement after some time. We figured we would try them out & see how he likes them. PN 58900-98B. Good luck, I will say, I don't know if the dash pad is the same one you are referring to. :s