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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by K_Man, Apr 3, 2010.

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    I'm in need of some helpful information on my 1985 HD FXRT. Here the story, I set about to replace the clutch, clutch spring, and cable. The clutch pack I put in was an Energy 1 clutch plates with a Barnett clutch spring. I got it done with the assembly of it and adjusted it. As I adjusted it I used up most of the threads on both the pushrod and the cable, but it adjusted so I wasn't too concerned.

    Now here where it all goes wrong. After the break-in miles I noticed it was slipping. So I went in and changed the pressure plate setting from A to B like it said in the clutch pack directions. As I torqued down the clutch bolts to 8ft-lbs the last bolt snapped in the clutch hub. Mind you that I was using the stock bolts and using a cross pattern to tighten. I went to extract the broken bolt, but as I was carefully drilling a hole in the bolt, it worked its way out of the back of the clutch hub.

    So now I had to pull the clutch carrier off and get the the clutch hub pressed out of the clutch carrier to get this bolt out.

    I got that all done, and I go to reassemble everything and I'm to the point of adjusting the clutch and it will not adjust. I'm all the way adjusted on the pushrod and all the way adjusted on the cable. What could be going on?
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    K Man; Welcome to the forum. Your question is not being ignored. The forum members here are very good about not just giving yada, yada, yada answers. I know enough about clutches to know I can't offer good info. Someone with the proper knowledge will be here to help before Monday. A lot of people are getting thier first spring rides in.
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    Breeze is right K_Man. We may need an expert (hello Chopper), to answer this one. I myself work on trucks where this problem wouldn't be a issue. So welcome to the forum, and hope an answer comes quickly!!!

    Take care and ride safe eh!!:D
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    Ok, It's just so nice out and my bike looks so depressing sitting on the lift. I hope I'm meet some people with good info.

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    K Man, welcome to the HDTimeline website, while there will be others who have experience with shovel models, and weigh in shortly. You might try the thread below as a start. There was another recent poster who has a shovel with clutch problem recently, may want to e-mail Bubbie or one of the others with some experience. I did a Search using the tab near the top of this site and typed shovel clutch as keywords...may want to look around the website a bit. Sorry I can't be more help, but I my experience with old HD iron was riding around a block, not much more. Good luck and keep us informed as to your progress.

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