Can I use four output coil for just two plugs?

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    Hello, I have RevTevch 100" engine with dual plug heads. I'm using a Ultima Programmable Ignition (the same like Dyna 2000i) with DC6-4 coil (with four outputs for dual plug heads). This is working in sinlgle fire mode. Sometimes I had problems with starting engine so I want to be sure that at spring all will work great.

    I bought compression releases for 10 mm but I do not want to remove and drill heads (maybe later I will do it but now I do not want to remove heads). My spark plugs are 12 mm. So I want to take two spark plugs, destroy them (remove ceramic elements), and use lower part of spark plugs like an adapter. I will make in this part 10 mm thread so than I will screw into this compression release and than this set into head. I hope you understand what I want. If not, I attached a drawing.

    But the most important question is:
    Can I my ignition and four outputs DC6-4 coil just with one spark plug on each head (just two plugs)? Can I have just two spark plug wires connected
    to this coil and two others just remove? Two outputs will not be used.
    Or will it be not good for the coil (destroy it) and ignition and I have to buy other coil like Dyna DC6-5 ?

    What do you think about it?

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    Doesn't that engine have some allen plugs on the pushrod side that you can remove and put the compression release adaptors in there instead ? I remember reading about this, so I found these on a search.

    Motorcycle Parts and Accessories
    Adaptor Instructions

    As to firing both plugs off one coil, I don't see why it wouldn't work. You'd just need to plug off the one plug wire lead. Why don't you call RevTech and ask them. They put the Self contained ignition from Daytona Twin Tec in them don't they ?

    I surmise you aren't worried that the head chamber design might be somewhat dependent on two plugs for optimum performance ?